About Us

Bringing you flexible and innovative communications solutions

Link DigiCom, Link Group's communications service provider specialises in direct engagement with our clients' stakeholders for both essential and marketing communications. We develop innovative, flexible, cost-effective communications solutions to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients delivering the right message, to the right audience in the most appropriate way - whether that be by email, SMS, or traditional mail. And importantly, we provide advanced reporting and post-campaign analytics to measure results and identify opportunities for future campaigns.

Core to our offering are data and document composition experts who analyse patterns in consumer data to create campaigns that deliver results; whether you currently hold the data or would like to obtain and grow it.

We deliver guidance in the transition to a digital communications strategy by working with our clients to target the right groups, optimise communications for Omni-channel delivery across email, SMS, and traditional mail, together with advanced reporting and post-campaign analytics to measure results and identify opportunities for future campaigns.

Link DigiCom clients include public, private and government organisations, large and small, domestic and international.


Link DigiCom operates a highly secure facility with data warehoused in a fully redundant Data Centre. CCTV cameras and back-to-base alarm systems monitor entry on site, and proximity sensor cards control personal access. The Data Centre is connected by dual communication links. Systems are housed in a highly secure environment managed by Fujitsu Australia Limited (Fujitsu), located at Fujitsu’s purpose-built North Ryde Tier 3 Data Centre and its purpose-built Homebush DR facility.

All sites are connected via primary and backup communications utilising separate geographical pathways, separate exchanges, fully-redundant switching and automatic failover technology ensuring connection in the event of a failure in any single link or carrier technology.

PCI Accreditation
Link DigiCom is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accredited. PCI DSS is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information. Accreditation is based on the maintenance of controls on network security, password protection, data protection and encryption, virus protection, access and user controls, physical security and on ongoing network monitoring and testing.

Corporate Social Responsbility

When Link DigiCom considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we focus on what is appropriate; for the business, our clients and the environment in which we operate. Link DigiCom has established 5 Core Values, which underpin our whole approach to business, sustainability and our interactions with the community:

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Respect


Link DigiCom actively encourages employee support of and participation in community initiatives. This is primarily facilitated through Youth Mentoring, Volunteering and Workplace Giving programs.

Youth Support
In 2010, the Link Group launched a Youth Mentoring Program aimed to assist disadvantaged youths at a High School in Western Sydney and North Melbourne. The program provides Link Staff with the opportunity to participate in annual activities designed to develop and prepare students for work experience placements and to ultimately enter the workforce. This program has now been expanded to NSW and Queensland in addition to Victoria.

Link also supports several local children’s sport teams by providing team training and match day shirts.

Community Partners
The Link Group proudly supports many community partners throughout Australia, through volunteering, raising money through participation in events and charitable donations.


At Link DigiCom we are committed to the sustainable management of our Company and take the responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment seriously. Our approach is to develop green processes that support the appropriate use of resources.

We have a green office policy where lights are deactivated after hours, printers are set to print double sided by default, and recycling bins are available on every floor. To complement these practices staff is encouraged to turn off monitors when leaving their desks, and to turn off lights and equipment throughout the building when these are not in use.

Working with our Clients to Make Green Choices
We provide a vital role in reducing our environmental impact and that of our clients by offering the flexibility of green communication solutions.